Exhibition: Callum Innes, St Sebastian
Exhibition: Callum Innes, St Sebastian

Callum Innes, St Sebastian, Kerlin Gallery, installation view

Kerlin Gallery is delighted to present St Sebastian, an exhibition of new painting by Callum Innes. Through the ages, painting has endured with a remarkable potential to affect us. Its physicality can overwhelm us. We can experience it with a visceral and emotive response. Or it can whisper and pull us into unknown depths of subtle complexity. It is bodily and sensual while asking us to think, often in the most profound ways.

Over the past 35 years, Callum Innes has developed a completely individual approach to painting that explores all these myriad possibilities. By repeatedly applying and dissolving layers of paint, rich in texture and colour Innes exposes the fundamentals of paint itself. Full of humanity and fallibility, his art strives for a balance between precision and imperfection, opacity and luminosity, contemplation and material presence.

Over the past two years, Innes has continued to develop and refine his oeuvre by introducing colours of heightened intensity and depth and by advancing a new series of circular or ‘Tondo’ paintings. The paintings in St Sebastian are the result of this intense period of work, paintings that resonate with the history of art and redefine its contemporary potential.

At the Kerlin Gallery
Starts: 5th October 2023 at
Ends: 12th November 2023
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