Exhibition: John Doherty, Tempus fugit et vita brevis
Exhibition: John Doherty, Tempus fugit et vita brevis

John Doherty, Connollys of Main Street, Skibbereen, 2022_23, acrylic on linen, 76 x 91 cm

Many of the paintings in this show cover the period that I spent living outside Ireland. During that time I returned to visit on many occasions and photographed what interested me without an agenda.

Over the years these images roamed around my subconscious and on reflection revealed themselves as subjects that evoke an Ireland moving on from the one I left behind.

From my late teens I studied architecture and town planning and worked in both fields. I have always observed the built environment and found that my images of buildings had personality and history. They made me think about the Irish as a race in a universal way with great pleasure and fascination.

You could almost say the buildings were my people, they spoke with attitude and spirit.

The end of an era buildings evoke strong emotions and raise many questions.

John Doherty

June 2023

At the Taylor Galleries
Starts: 3rd November 2023 at 11:00am
Ends: 25th November 2023