Exhibition: David Fox, Urban Fingerprint

“The paintings that make up ‘An Altered Land’ offer a novel insight into the contemporary Irish landscape”
Aidan Dunne, The Irish Times, 30 April 2019

Urban Fingerprint is Fox’s second solo exhibition at the Olivier Cornet Gallery. The artist has become renowned for his compelling connection with the contemporary Irish landscape, where in recent work he captures the vibrant essence of graffiti within the bustling cities of Ireland. Working primarily with oil paints, Fox brings these walls and alleys to life on canvas, transforming the often overlooked art of graffiti into evocative pieces that resonate with a modern audience. His paintings are not merely visual explorations but rather profound dialogues with the culture, identity and rebellion found within the urban environment.

Through meticulous attention to detail and a nuance understanding of colour and form, Fox’s work serves as a testament to the hidden beauty and enduring spirit of street art, weaving a tangible connection between the everyday and the extraordinary. His collection is a love letter to the streets, a celebration of the unspoken, and a compelling journey through contemporary Ireland’s visual voice


At the Olivier Cornet Gallery
Starts: 10th November 2023 at 6:00pm
Ends: 10th December 2023