Exhibition: Eilis O’Connell RHA, Hardware / Software

Solomon Fine Art is delighted to host an exhibition of sculpture and works on paper by one of Ireland’s most internationally recognised contemporary artists, Eilis O’Connell. 

The term Hardware/Software, taken from the 1974 publication Great Western Salt Works: Essay’s on the meaning of Post-Formulist Art by Jack Burnham, refers to the dual aspects of an artist’s practice – the physical, object-based output (hardware) and the conceptual, process-lead phase of work (software). In this collection of recent works O’Connell presents us with examples of both – sculptural works representing the hardware and a range of watercolours which illustrate the evolution of these objects. Using materials such as steel, bronze, stone and new bio resins, O’Connell explores different material properties to make hybrid organic geometric forms that she carves or constructs by hand. Her abstract watercolours mirror the textures and forms of her sculptural works with depth of tone and minimalist markings. 


At the Solomon Fine Art
Starts: 26th October 2023 at 11:00am
Ends: 18th November 2023