Exhibition: Maggie Morrisson – Apricity 27th June 2024
Exhibition: Maggie Morrisson – Apricity 27th June 2024

Solomon Fine Art is delighted to host an exhibition of nineteen paintings by talented artist Maggie Morrisson.

Maggie on her work: “My work has evolved from a number of sources; from memories of my parents much loved garden and my grandmother’s small farm in the midlands where I spent time in the summers, from a sense of wonder, awe of and curiosity about the immensity of the earth, the very nature of nature and our relationship with it.

The current body of work uses images from my own garden, (playing with nature), from other gardens I visit, from nature I encounter and that which I go looking for. In visits to botanical gardens, in particular the greenhouses, these creations of tropical plant habitats in the middle of cities enthral me, and raise so many questions about the real environments they are replicating. The tropical greenhouse in Amsterdam is one of my favourites.

In my most recent paintings I have delved back into using colour as an expression of a particular feeling or experience of what surrounds us, what we are part of and our relationship with it.”

“Apricity” runs until Saturday 20th of July.

At the Solomon Fine Art
Starts: 27th June 2024 at
Ends: 20th July 2024