Exhibition: Mark Francis Acoustic Oceans
Exhibition: Mark Francis  Acoustic Oceans

Opening Reception: Thursday 11 July, 6–8pm

Kerlin Gallery presents Acoustic Oceans, new paintings on canvas, aluminium and paper by Mark Francis.

Mark Francis has long made paintings driven by the revelatory insights of contemporary science. This new body of work responds to the speed and complexity of the information age, interpreting data and binary sequences as pulsating bands of colour that stimulate the eye. Vertical stripes in rich tones pulse into one another, creating a sense of movement and vibrational energy that expands outwards beyond the picture plane. Francis sees each hue and line in his paintings as information for the viewer to decode – abstract forms that take us on a subconscious journey of understanding through sensory experience.

Sound is also a key component of these new paintings, and gives the exhibition its title, Acoustic Oceans. Taking sound as a universal language, Francis describes the construction of his paintings as ‘like an improvised abstract noise’ that can be both ‘melodic and chaotic’. For the artist, sound transforms into colour, and can ‘reflect the diverse emotions and experiences that shape our understanding of the universe’.

At the Kerlin Gallery
Starts: 12th July 2024 at
Ends: 24th August 2024